Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower/ The Most Creative Rivalry

May be the most creative rivalry between two goldsmiths in history has been resulted with one of the most magnificient square has ever built. Florence Cathedral (1436) and Gates of Paradise(1452).

Year was 1401. Florence of Tuscony, land of art, architecture and house of artists, had been in competition with Pisa and Siena as Tuscan cities. While Pisa and Siena had been working on new and enormous cathedrals, Florence’s cathedral, foundedn in the early 5th century, was not enough anymore to serve to Florence population.  

Arnolfo di Cambio was selected to design the new church by city council and he finished his work in 1294. Arnolfo di Cambio was an important artists in his time who left a lot of attractiv...

-750 - Hesiod/ A Man Narrates Gods

-1457 -490 1071 1571 1827
-547 1066 1214 1588 1944

If one would like to define an object in space, have to use dimensions like x, y or time. These dimensions give opportunity to differ, compare or classify objects in each other.

History is not an object that we can define it in space. However there are some dimensions, I have named like that, we can define historical milestones. TIME - GEOGRAPHY - BELIEF - STATE - CIVILIZATION - LANGUAGE can be used to classify history. For instance Turkic Civilizations' Economy History or Europeans' Science History or Battles in Antique Age.

So I have decided to build a table which enables me to filter with these dimensions to differ and classify milestones.

Of course, this is neither an academic nor resulted project, I have made all of these in order to learn and this is the endless process. Furthermore, I've decided principle for adding milestones. Only milestones that have been recently read or studied can be added to that list. So, there are lots of milestones and decisive people in history that surely deserve to be in that list but I have not read or study about them yet so not available for NOW.

1920 - The Age of Innocence/ Individual vs. Society